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My Gift of Authenticity as a Leader

Re: My Gift of Authenticity as a Leader

by Bernie tobin -
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Dear Sonia,

I would like to express sincere gratitude to you for the opportunity of reading about your continuing enquiry into the development of a living theory of mindfulness as you work on improving your practice as an authentic leader.

As you trace the professional and personal origins of your values I come to appreciate your life-affirming energy as an authentic leader. You state that this “includes the living standard of judgement of nurturing responsiveness (Mounter, 2012), [a] recognition of the importance of recognising oneself as a living contradiction in a re-channelling of energy-flowing values” within your meaning of authenticity as a leader. I would like to have read more about the context of your carer community and to have read about explanations of responsiveness, inclusion and empowerment within your work together. The living theory approach framework (McNiff & Whitehead), which Branko has already recommended, would help you to explain this educational influence on your own learning and on that of the staff, volunteers, trustees, carers and their families in your community as you endeavoured to live your values and beliefs in improving your practice. Branko has outlined where your paper already answers some of these questions and has made very useful suggestions for improvement.

I would be very interested in reading the revised paper, which I know will be an inspirational story about you as an authentic leader living your educational values in practice and life.