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‘How does my living value of inclusive cultural competence, contributes both to practice and knowledge creation with the marginalised’?

Re: ‘How does my living value of inclusive cultural competence, contributes both to practice and knowledge creation with the marginalised’?

by Jerry Allender -
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Dear Shelagh,

There is no question that the work you do is critically important in the world. The many communities that need attention, caring and support that you have served is remarkable. Thank you. Our world needs more like you.

My concern with your paper as it has been written is this. I cannot find a sense of educational research in it. Rather it reports your journey and the development of your understanding of your journey to your place as a fighter for social justice. It does not connect us with how your learning informs our journey as fighters for social justice. I believe research has to provide learning for the readers to be able to make changes in their lives. You present your life experience as unique which indeed it is and indeed it is very courageous of you to explore it publicly. I would imagine such an exploration would be most fitting for an ethnography journal and very interesting as such.

This journey is one way of developing a sense of social justice. I, for example, was raised in a middle class intellectual socialist home. My sense of social justice was in my mother's milk. Not through shame and abuse but through a sense of responsibility and survival. If we all do not prosper, we all will suffer. A very different journey but one that lead to the same end. I wonder if your research could include some of the possible ways we instill that sensibility we each have. For me that would be research. How do you help your students become fighters for social justice? How is it your experience brought you there when for many it would have brought them to a very different place? What makes it difficult to instill this critical sense in young people?

As to the structure of the paper, the first three pages need serious revision. You spend far too much space telling us what you intend to do: I clarify and communicate, I have built on, I intend to, I want to intervene, I am seeking to clarify, I seek, My mission.There are more. But the problem is not your intentions, it is that they become a list of promises that it is unnecessary to make. This section needs to be tightened and the intention more clearly explained.

The story of your journey needs to be enriched. Your appendices are the richer part of the paper. They could be incorporated in some way. But not as a list of your very worthy accomplishments but as information of how you developed.

I have a very personal issue. I do not know what BMC, OFSTED, or BME mean. I feel foolish asking for it is clear that everyone knows what they mean. I do not so please let readers like me know.

I hope this is useful to you. I realize that it may be pressing on you in a way that is not worthwhile to you. If that is so, just delete this. If it is worthwhile to you, I will look forward to your continued work on this project.

in peace,

Donna Allender