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In Pursuit of Counterpoint: an Educational Journey

Re: In Pursuit of Counterpoint: an Educational Journey

by Moira Laidlaw -
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I do like those Habermas critertia, Jack, particularly the last one. However, they are all so relevant and if I bear those in mind when I am redrafting my paper I think they will help me remain reigorous and critical of what I am doing.

I also agree with you about the importance of having developmental spaces, which are not pre-prescribed, but are allowed, within certain parameters (alluded to on our homepage) to create themselves, such that the standards of judgement for evaluating what we are doing here will have to develop as we develop the journal. I find that really exciting.

Another point I want to raise here is the significance of time in the development of our values (or, if you like standards of judgement). With the internet and its rapid development, we're already at the stage of being able to juxtapose images, truths, representations together that weren't originally designed for such use. I would imagine that a whole new set of standards of judgement will need to be developed in the ethical handling of all that. What do other people think?

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