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Resubmission about theopraxis from Maria James

Re: Resubmission about theopraxis from Maria James

by Moira Laidlaw -
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Dear Maria. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to review your paper and it's lovely to see that you have attended to all the academic points of rigour, justification, clarification and evidence. I enjoyed reading it again very much, particularly with all the new points. For all the above reasons I would have been happy to recommend your paper for publication.

However, I was very disappointed to see that you have not attended to the technical details as outlined in the Submission Guidelines and to which I carefully drew your attention. I wrote at the end of that section: I hope you will do the job of presenting your paper to the specified guidelines. Without it, I cannot recommend this paper for publication. It is therefore up to the Editorial Board as to whether they can accept your paper in its current condition.

You write with passion and insight, and I wish you and your work all the very best in the future. Your paper deals with some very important issues and I did enjoy reading it.

Warmest regards, Moira