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Stimulating Creativity in Children with Developmental Difficulties

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Stimulating Creativity in Children with Developmental Difficulties
by Željka Rakitić - Thursday, 30 July 2009, 9:28 AM
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Re: Stimulating Creativity in Children with Developmental Difficulties
by Jacqueline Delong - Thursday, 30 July 2009, 9:32 AM

To Zeljka

I have followed the suggested guideline for editorial review.

a) Does the submission account for influences the author has developed in their

own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of social formations?

I thoroughly enjoyed this paper. There is so little classroom research in this area that it is a most welcome contribution. Your paper shows evidence of your own learning and growing confidence, of the co-learning with the teacher and will influence others in similar roles with its publication.

b) The submissions should reveal a desire to bring (at least some of) the values of,

for example, love, freedom, justice, compassion, courage, care and democratic

evaluation more fully into the world.

I think you bring these values into the world through your work and through your writing.

c) In what ways might your own experiences and insights be brought to bear in

order to enhance the submission in some way?

I could certainly identify with your experiences. Although I was a classroom teacher of the developmentally delayed, I had responsibility for the programs in our school district. They are a challenging group to teach and to see the results of your teaching.

I hope that you will take the suggestions in the spirit of an opportunity to improve learning. I hope you will not be offended by my suggestions for improving the language in the paper. Believe me I know absolutely no Croatian! Unfortunately, I could not open the videos. I did, however, enjoy the photos.

I believe that this paper is ready for publication once the editing is complete.

Best wishes.

Jackie Delong

 Reverend Je Kan Adler Collins
Re: Stimulating Creativity in Children with Developmental Difficulties
by Je Kan Adler-Collins - Wednesday, 5 August 2009, 1:34 AM
I enjoyed your story very much, please excuse the brief reply as i am having problems with accessing these paeges in windows new browser. I attach my comments and questions that I hope will help you. Je Kan