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As educators and educational researchers, what contribution has a Living Educational Theory approach made to helping us to improve the quality of our practice and our lives?

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by Marie Huxtable -
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To Cathy and Jackie

Your life affirming energy flowing values bounce right off the page and right out of each video. I found it very meaningful when you say you are not doing the practice to write a paper.....'I'm doing it as a practitioner'. (Cathy)

Your long term relationship using your own Living Educational Theory, values and commitment for me is very inspiring and has ignited my own desire to go  deeply into reflective practice to improve my practice. I like the notion of what you are writing about, not how you write it.

Jackie, your experience as a mentor come through all the time with the care and love you reveal in facial expressions and comments. In my notes I have written 'transformative potential of encounter' - the evidence of that is clear throughout the videos, reflections and writing. Page 4.... you mention influence and being influenced..... you are listening deeply, your listening is embodied and you are clearly willing to embrace the transformative power of improving your practice.

Cathy, you are a total inspiration at your deep commitment to Living Educational Theory, Action research and improving your practice. I love how you find small pockets of time in a busy schedule to do so!
Cathy, your video planning beforehand would help the viewer. Have the camera at eye level so that we can see your face full on to catch all your expressions and body language. Light must be in front of you not behind you. The camera on whatever device you are using must be secure and not move. (I found it distracted me from the gems I heard from you). The lighting and colours were comfortable in the video where you wore black and grey. It was pleasing to the eye (for me that is important as a creative person). I loved your cat coming and going, it added to the beautiful personality I felt coming through. I also loved the reflections in a wooden hut, it made me think you went off to a 'hermitage' where you could reflect.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your paper. Just check some spelling and sentence construction page 7 and 9 mainly. 

You have had a huge impact on me to improve my practice and be mindful of  'the transformative potential of encounter' when I am a reflective practitioner IN relationships, like the two of you are. I believe your paper meets the publishing criteria. Thank you for the effort you have put into it.

Page 7- check spelling, see below:

Our history includes our experiences in sharing our knowledge in the 2013 special issue of EJOLTs (Campbell et al, 2013; Delong et al, 2013, Whitehead, 2013; Delong, 2013; Griffin, 2013; Campbell, 2013. In the Foreward, Moira Laidlaw (2013) wrote:

The following link is not correct:

Video 10: The Living Curriculum: Student Action Research Projects 

(Delong, 2021)