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A Culture of Reflection: How can I transform the teaching- learning attitude in my school through my living educational theory?

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by Jocelyn Demirbag -
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Neema, thank you for all your work sharing your very interesting journey with us. If the paper is gone through again with a fine toothed comb for all of the punctuation, grammar, and formatting, I believe the paper is ready for publishing. I have gone over about half of the paper with such a comb and the editor will share that with you. Please make sure this comb also includes formatting for how to name a table and list its citation, as well as for the references at the end. These are all my least favorite aspects of a paper and yet we still need to address them! Mahalo for all your effort. As it is very difficult to see our own errors while working in a second language (and even in a first), I would highly recommend that you find someone who can help with this as your learning is so worth sharing! Mahalo for your persistence.