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Gumede & Mellett: Forming a ‘We’ through a good-quality conversation Published June 19

Re: For review - Gumede-Mellett: Forming a ‘We’ through a good-quality conversation

by Joy Mounter -
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Dear Jerome and Pete,

I am so enjoying the process of sharing in a small way, the journey as you craft your paper.

There is so much more clarity and engagement for me as a reader with the paper as it is now. I quite appreciate a lot of work has gone into the re-write. Whilst I can see all of the beauty of the paper, I have added some comments for you to consider. I say consider because this paper has to convey a meaning that is true to the foundations you see.

There are for me a couple of key comment, one around the 'constellation of methodologies' that Jack talks about and the second around engagement with literature on I and the movement to we. 

My comments are given with a real sense of commitment and joy I have found through your work. I just think this really good paper could be great!

With best wishes,

Joy x