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How do I improve my practice of training midwives and nurses in the use of Q-Pulse?

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Re: How do I improve my practice of training midwives and nurses in the use of Q-Pulse?
by Judith McBride - Sunday, 25 November 2018, 10:28 PM

Dear Anne,


In reading the new draft of your account, I recognize your living-theory as embodied, evolving, and manifest in your practice. Your account has a strong ring-of-truth to it as you trace the living of your claimed values of listening and participation in your practice. It is a pleasure to read!


I believe that the work that you have recently done to structure your paper, explain your complex hospital context along with your perspective as caregiver/trainer/inquirer, is accessible and a welcome invitation to your reader. The evidence you have provided with the photo, audio- and video-data does more than simply provide support for the claims that you make. You have put a human face and voice on the work done by nurses, midwives, managers, and trainers, one that welcomes the reader into your practice and fosters deepening respect for those working in the field of health care. The audio file of the focus group brings the voices of urgency, passion, commitment and determination directly to your audience. I thoroughly enjoyed eavesdropping on the meeting. Some readers might find the file too long (I did not) and you might want to consider using smaller cuts throughout the paper as evidence of various points rather than all at one time.


When responding to your first draft, I questioned whether gender might be an issue in your study. I am assuming that your managers, nurses, and midwives are women, based on the audio-visual evidence that you have provided in your second draft. If I am correct in that assumption, I believe that the issue of gender ought to at least be mentioned. I feel that you have a contribution to make to the literature on gender and IT use. Your work has provided an opportunity for your participants to voice their concerns, share ideas, develop confidence in their abilities. Your research questions are important. Your values-based explanation of your educational influence is clear, and that influence could be extended to others beyond your particular context. It would be useful in other domains! Perhaps this could be something you would consider looking at in the future. This article may be of interest:

Goswami, A., & Dutta, S. (2016). Gender Differences in Technology Usage: A Literature Review. Open Journal of Business and Management, 4, pp. 51-59. Available from: [accessed Nov 25 2018].


Anne, your paper touches my inquirer and mother Selves. Thank you for that. I shall happily recommend your paper to the Editorial Board to consider for publication in EJOLTs.