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Learning to Feel the Presence of Kairos:

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Re: Learning to Feel the Presence of Kairos:
by Jacqueline Delong - Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 10:58 PM

Hi, Jason. I appreciate that you have made some improvements from the last review and I commend your tenacity. 

I have attached my comments on the paper. Although I have taken the liberty of making some corrections as indicated, many remain for your consideration. 

Significant issues remain for your consideration: Values as living standards of judgment are unclear; the argument does not flow in a manner that allows the reader to follow your reasoning; many claims to know remain that require data as evidence to support them; methods of data collection and analysis are unclear; changes in voice abound (unclear who you mean by 'we'); ethical issues need to be addressed; the article requires transitions from one section to the next.

Love, Jackie