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Applying my living values of respect, integrity and creativity

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Re: Applying my living values of respect, integrity and creativity
by Joy Mounter - Thursday, 11 October 2018, 2:31 PM

Hello Julian,

Thank you so much for the latest draft of your article. What I have loved most through our conversations is seeing your writing evolve and communicate what is important to you so much more clearly. I hope you feel this too. Finding clarity in my writing and moving from a writerly format to a readerly format is something I struggle with greatly, so this process together has really help me too, so thank you.

I can see more explicitly the values you hold, the reason they are important to you and the challenges through your practice. The methodology and methods you are using are also much clearer and frame your article. You also draw on a wide range of literature to support the points you are making.

Reading it, I felt the first half is stronger in maintaining the clear thread of identifying the challenges related to your values. I have added a couple of important comments following page 14, where I think this is less clear to the reader and I was left wondering why are you telling me this.

There are a couple of minor proof reading points, which will only take a moment to change.

I have also added a couple of questions just to clarify my understanding which occurred to me whilst reading, for example around the curriculum and phones. They are just points for you to consider.

The closing sentence in your conclusion is the most powerful point you make in the whole article and as a closing point is very uplifting, as I appreciate your continuing struggle to maintain and live your values but feel your clear determination and desire to do so. 

I have really enjoyed this collaborative process and hope it has been as beneficial to you as it has to me. With the points addressed above I have no hesitation in recommending this article should be published.

With best wishes,