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Applying my living values of respect, integrity and creativity

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Re: Applying my living values of respect, integrity and creativity
by Julian Manuel - Monday, 9 April 2018, 7:33 PM

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my paper, and for your comments. Apologies for the lateness - I have been trying to find a way to contact you. Seems this is the only way available. Best wishes, J.

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Re: Applying my living values of respect, integrity and creativity
by Caitriona McDonagh - Thursday, 19 July 2018, 11:59 PM

Dear Julian,

I am responding to your paper dated 19th June 2018. I am sure that by now you are seeing that the drafts of your paper are helping to clarify the presentation of your thinking about respect, integrity and creativity.  I am attaching my comments to your paper these may seem, in places, to be very pedantic and feel free to ignore those you disagree with.

I will begin by commenting on the recommendations I made the last time and then on those aspects that you might enhance further, should you wish.

1)    Previous recommendations

·       Possibly shorten the contextual issues and introduce only what is necessary for the reader in order that s/he can understand your research. Done. In my comments I suggest that you keep all of the introduction in the first person “ I “  

·       I would love to see some data about your actions and new learning. Yours is a very interesting and descriptive paper but the required research actions are not so clearly presented and explained. Good You have now offered Journal entries. I suggest that you use some device to alert the reader to exactly where these entries are. Perhaps quotation marks?  You could then highlight where your learning is from the example.

·       Have I provided sufficient detail of my living-educational-theory for it to be understood? Yes

·       Are there sufficient details of how I have validated my claims to know so that the reader can share in that knowledge? Your work appears reliable and credibly – key validation criteria

·        Pointing the lens of your writing on how you have changed your actions or your understanding of them as a result of your reflections on your values and their denial in practice? Yes definitely

2)    In my comments, I suggest that you might consider enhancing your paper by altering some of your section titles so that the reflect the research process more closely. For example, I previously suggested that you shorten your context, which you did. But this could possibly be further enhanced by adjusting the headings to reflect your research process more fully as follows


my current position, my past education, my past employment, my higher education

to something like

Role models and awareness of values, The Role of Audience and Policy in nurturing and challenging values, Beginning my living educational theory journey.


Although I am making some suggestions, I feel that your paper offers and interesting and scholarly read, meets the EJOLTS criteria and am suggesting it for publication.

All the best