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When Grades Get in the Way of Learning

Re: When Grades Get in the Way of Learning

by Máirín Glenn -
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Hi Kelly,

Finding time to do everything can be very challenging and overwhelming. I do think you have a story of learning that needs to be told but I appreciate that it will take time and energy. Perhaps when you return to your paper at the end of the school year, you will have more time to commit to your writing.

I wonder, though, if you would consider continuing to engage with the ideas and trying to clarify your own thinking some more in the intervening months? I suspect that your learning in the BARN project will help you think more clearly about your EJOLTS’ writing. I think the practice in which you engage, and the values you hold are linked very closely and you might find it beneficial to develop a keener awareness of how you are living in the direction of your values as you teach and as you facilitate your BARN work. I suggest that you continue to keep a journal of your reflections about all the work you do between now and summer time. As you write in your journal, it might be helpful, perhaps, to bring a keener awareness to events that show that you are living and working to you values (or not).  

When you return to your paper, Swaroop’s excellent advice should help you with your revision.

Wishing you the best of luck with your practice and the theorising of your practice,

Warm regards,