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A Journey in learning-My reflective accounts

Re: A Journey in learning-My reflective accounts

by Neema Parekh -
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Dear Jacqui, Jacky and Brian,

Of course Moira,Pip,Marie and Swaroop 

Its a great news that you all like my paper and satisfied with my answers.

Thank you very much for sharing your experienced views and questioning my work that helped me to strengthen my paper and make it more beautiful.Happily Thanks Jacqui - specially your Idea to keep picture with video links made my article more attractive.

I am sorry for taking long time for correction and late reply due to my health but now this happy news will  heal me speedy :)

Special hearty thanks to Moira,Marie and Swaroop for their patience and lovely support.  You people have dealt with my account's technical problems, Standard English language problem and health issues very calmly.

This was my extra ordinary experience in my learning journey. I realized how difficult it is to describe your learning journey, value conflicts and exact feelings in few words. It gave me a new glittered  spectacle to see my journey.

sorry  for all inconvenience and delay work. 

Feeling gratitude for all inspirations and lovely support