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Learning, teaching and ageing

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Re: Learning, teaching and ageing - response from a reader!
by Eleanor Lohr - Thursday, 14 December 2017, 9:09 AM

Dear Bonnie,

I am delighted to hear from you Bonnie, and to get a sense of your loving inquiry.  It was a surprise, I have never had a response like this before! 

I usually stay at an Abbey in Leicestershire that stocks a few books for sale, and I happened upon a book by Richard Rohr, and as you had mentioned him in your post, I bought the book and have become completely immersed and inspired by his writing.  Thank you so much – you see how minds are joined, how love spreads!

The story of your journey so far sounds like you are already making sense of where you now in preparation for whatever will happen next.  Beginning to articulate what you ‘know’, by bringing your embodied knowing into language will not only help to clarify your thinking, but may also clarify how you hold and enact your values.  This last is always tricky!  I remind myself frequently that what I feel and do is not always what I think is ‘right’, and working within that contradiction can be stimulating as well as challenging.  This is where yoga comes can be so helpful, releasing tension and renewing vitality.  It takes great discipline practicing on your own, and with a new job as well.  I honour your commitment.

It sounds like you are doing valuable work in a place where there are many hurdles to be met.  Writing about what love means brings into question the relationship between personal experience and the social world, which is an individual perspective mediated by social convention.  If you start by describing your experience of love and putting that into words, love will begin to resonate in your mind, will show you how to write about your work and your relationships. It takes time, and in my experience, much scribbling and writing – as well as reading.  There are as many ways of going about describing embodied experience as there are people in the world!  I started with my experience of love; how it changed me, then I went onto describe the work that I do and how I do it.  But there are as many ways of writing about love as there are people in the world!  No prescription is appropriate here. 

Although there are the Ejolts rules relating to publication, its best to start by just  loving the writing and seeing where that takes you. Send more if you fancy it....

May Christmas bring you joy and always renewal,

With love


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Re: Learning, teaching and ageing - response from a reader!
by Bonnie Kaplan - Saturday, 27 January 2018, 1:57 PM

Dear Eleanor,

Thank you for your response. It is wonderful to be able to interact in the EJOLTS space.

I am inspired to continue my writing using the reponse I sent to you.

Warm wishes for a loving and fruitful 2018