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I am a Theorist: Living the L-word, or Life Itself

Re: I am a Theorist: Living the L-word, or Life Itself

by Richard Vytniorgu -
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Dear Jack,

I am thrilled that you also enjoyed reading my paper. Yes, I believe we are waiting for Sigrid (who is abroad) to give the all-OK as well. 

I set sail for Spain on Sunday evening, ostensibly on a holiday! I am not set to return until the 31st. I will try and keep an eye here of developments, and my email too, but it's a bad temptation for me to access my email while on holiday! 

Thank you for your link to Pat's thesis. I am always happy when I see Louise's ideas being used. She worked so hard for what she believed in, and is a hero of mine.

That is kind of you to think of Friends of Wisdom. Nick and I know each other, and I invited Nick to talk about his vision to PhD students at De Montfort in November. Incidentally, I have a shorter article set to appear in Peer English in the autumn, which recapitulates what Nick contributed to our discussion of the future of the English PhD. I have also just completed a full-length article on Ottoline, and I include a reference point regarding living theory and EJOLTS, given its strength as a platform for theorists of all shapes and sizes to become more self-reflective about the values that undergird their work. I very much hope that article is also successful. 

If you are interested, I also presented a digital story at the Midlands3Cities Research Festival last week, which partly distilled the ideas of my EJOLTs article into 4 minutes! The link is here

Very best wishes,