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Students, it’s nearly your call: on our way towards a living visual taxonomy of learning support interactions

Re: A five-cycle living visual taxonomy of learning interactions - published Dec 2015

by Brian Williamson -
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Dear Jacqui,

Thank you. I think you raise a very interesting question about how LETs relate. You say ‘I initially felt unheard, but now must assume that it simply did not have relevance to your LET as you do not share my perspective of the student being a ‘client’ in the system.’  Perhaps comparing and contrasting LETs in this way is just as important, to the process of knowledge seeking, as us growing our own? (please see addition to text highlighted)

Our LETs may be more similar than you think. I could have used your term ‘alongside role’ myself when describing my own practice, but I am wondering ‘does this term have the same meaning in our respective heads?’ I feel titles such as ‘client’, ‘customer’ etc. are behaviour types and attitudes which may be discovered as the one-to-one dynamic unfolds:-


‘I believe, you do, I learn, or;

you believe, I do, you learn.’

(page 14)


perhaps this is one way that our LETs differ, I’m not sure.


I am very pleased that you are agreeing my paper is almost ready for publication. It has all been a great experience, and one that I will never forget. Thank you Jacqui.


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