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Looking over the conceptual horizon: a living theory of practice - final submission accepted for publication December 2014

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Re: Version 2: Looking over the conceptual horizon: a living theory of practice
by Liz Campbell - Sunday, 16 November 2014, 8:47 PM

Hi Liz,

The revisions and additions to the paper are excellent. It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend it for publication. I appreciate the difficulty of reducing an extended work to a concise summary and believe that the additional information provides enough information to relay more of the "back story". In your comments to my feedback where you state, "please advise" I think can be addressed by including a link to the full dissertation as I suspect that there will be some readers so engaged by your work that they will want to know more. Even though my background is in education, I found myself engrossed in the process and intrigued by the content. The details of your work in regard to values and relationships are universal and like your study, have the power to be transformative for many readers. Again, it was a pleasure to review this article and I offer heartfelt congratulations. Your obvious dedication and commitment is making a significant and much needed contribution to the flourishing of humanity on a global scale.

Love & Joy,