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Using A Living Theory Methodology In Improving Practice And Generating Educational Knowledge in Living Theories.

Re: Using A Living Theory Methodology In Improving Practice And Generating Educational Knowledge in Living Theories.

by Jane Spiro -
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Dear Jack

I read your revised paper with real delight at the new information I now see there about your progression from science teacher to doctor-educator. Your account of your early positivist position, and your acknowledgement of this still as offering a worthwhile perspective alongside others, makes this now an exciting story of synthesis and growth - in fact, of 'inclusionality'. Your position is explained and rationalised with both passion and balance - I have noted too, how the quotations have been absorbed into your own voice, so it is you that emerges rather than the voices of those who influenced you (although they do too, of course).
I was also delighted to see the way the pain of the University of Bath rejection had now been reframed to emerge as a clear account of your beliefs in practice. This now flows seamlessly into an account of the community you have built, and also of the force of love and life-affirming energy which informs your work, including your fight for its recognition.
This all reads to me now as coherent, convincing to the newcomer as well as the insider, inspirational and grounded. All the areas that detracted from this have vanished, and it was a joy to move through the journey you set up.

Small editing points:

  • there is a missing half sentence at the start of the Hurst quotation at the top of p.4 which I think might help the sense. The quotation seemed not quite complete.
  • a stray 'to' at the end of the first Allender and Allender quotation on p.4 second para.
  • on p. 6 - you use the verb 'distinguishes' which suggests a contrasts - Polanyi distinguishes personal knowledge from ---? So I wonder if there is a missing half, or perhaps another verb there?
  • p. 10 last line of penultimate para. - relationally should be relational?
  • p. 14 third line from end of top para. - clarify should be clarity?

I think this is an important paper to launch EJOLTS and make its ethical, philosophical and ideological position clear. It presents a position that will inspire readers to share - I like in particular your call to action in the final paragraph, encouraging your readers to be the next writers, as you encourage your students to be the next teachers. So yes, in all ways yes!

With love and thanks for this amazing learning process,