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Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0 - published Dec 2017

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Re: Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0
by Moira Laidlaw - Sunday, 8 October 2017, 11:04 AM

Hi Neil. First let me apologise for being late in my response. I am very sorry. Illness and travel have made my timetable chockerblock recently. I hope the following comments - and the annotations on the text - are constructive.

I really like this paper and I can see that you have attended to most of the points that I made in my last set of comments. However, like Pip, I don't see that this is currently a Living Theory paper, although it so nearly is. I don't believe it will take much more work for me to recommend publication in EJOLTS. You show a lovely series of insights into the links between some of the values - particularly social justice - and the work and practice of Steiner education. It reads very persuasively throughout. I particularly like th way you show how others have influenced your learning.

A Living Theory paper, however, would require you to make one aspect of your writing much more specific, i.e. your discussion of social justice as a personal value. In Living Theory values are perceived as living, organic in growth and dynamic. They act as the standards of judgement for evaluating the influence for good we have in the world. Values are living in the sense that they modify over time in practice, when that practice is to do with improving something within a social context for the flourishing (in some way) of humanity. So your sense of what social justice is comprised of, for example, is not necessarily the same as someone else's. It is your sense of social justice I am really interested in, rather than Steiner's, if you get my point. You are clear in the paper that you feel the values you hold deeply within. Se the text for more about this comment.

A Living Theory account would be explicit about your own living value of social justice, and offer examples of how your understanding of it is growing through the work you're doing in relation to Steiner education and others.

Have a look at the comments I've made on the script itself and get back to me if I can be of any further help. I promise to get straight back to you this time!

I think with one more iteration, bearing in mind the comments above, I will be able to recommend it for publication.

All the best, Moira