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Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0

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Re: Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0
by Neil Boland - Tuesday, 20 June 2017, 3:49 AM

Many thanks, Sadruddin, for your helpful comments. I will see what I can find along the lines of photos, images and the like to help explain the text. Your recommendation to explain some of the terms and concepts in more detail is a good one. I will make sure I do it in the next iteration.

Thank you again,


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Re: Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0
by Neil Boland - Monday, 18 September 2017, 4:24 AM

I have just uploaded the revised copy of this article. I was very grateful for your comments and I hope that I have been able to do justice to what you suggested.

I look forward to you comments this time.

Best wishes,

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Re: Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0
by Pip Bruce Ferguson - Thursday, 21 September 2017, 5:20 AM
Dear Neil

You have done a great deal of work on this iteration, and to my mind it is nearly there (and obviously, your other reviewers will have their own perspectives on whether it has yet met the criteria for publication recommendation).

It is a thick, rich account of your action research and your attempts to investigate and improve Waldorf educational practices. I do think, and have pointed out where in several places on the track-changed attachment, that you need to more pointedly make this a Living Educational Theory account. You've done a great job of more clearly articulating your values and covertly demonstrating how you hold yourself to account in working these out in your practice, but as you are submitting to a Living Educational Theory journal, you should be overt about this also. I went back and revisited Moira's advice in the first iteration - I can see that you have addressed most of her points, but I think there are still a couple that need further explanation or linking.

There are also a couple of places where I think you've made assertions or claims, but need to provide evidence of why you made that claim (e.g., about how you realised Maori cosmology linked to Steiner's work). Some of the remaining comments in the track changed version are my usual engagement with the text, particularly as, like yourself as tauiwi, although I was born Kiwi, I've had to expand my knowledge of indigenous educational and cultural practices and there are authors whose work I think you might enjoy, but obviously who don't have to be included in this iteration.

It is a great paper and a joy to read, and I look forward to seeing it published soon!

Warm regards


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Re: Travels in education: Towards Waldorf 2.0
by sadruddin qutoshi - Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 7:27 PM

Dear Neil,

I really enjoyed reading your paper and it looks very interesting. The paper shows you have worked hard and incorporated feedback from reviewers. Well done for your efforts. Neil, it looks ready for publishing with little efforts to address few of the comments here and there (so, please find the attached paper for further details about the comments).

Using postmodern genre your image/s play vital role to enable readers in making their own meaning without excluding what you expect readership to make sense of your living theory account.  There is a clear flow of expression about how you came up with your living theory account of your 35 years of experiences with your embodied values except a few paragraphs as highlighted for an example. One thing I am still feeling thirsty in knowing more about your ‘lived spirituality’ as it has been one of my interested area which I have also talked in my doctoral thesis published from

Neil, It would be my humble submission to revisit few of the terms here and there which still demand to explain in simple words (giving your own personal meaning of those terms like, mansplanning, aggressive nationalism, predatory capitalism, to name but a few.

wish you best of luck for your publication